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Та же рецензия на книгу С.Трахименка "Геном Ньютона", но по-английски.

Ставлю, чтобы поисковики зафиксировали.


Геном Ньютона
Двойная игра

Сергей Трахимёнок. Геном Ньютона. Повесть. – Минск, издательство «Четыре четверти», 2014г.
Рецензия Нины Ягодинцевой (г. Челябинск)

«Genome of Newton» or Double game
Sergey Trakhimenok. Genome of Newton. Short novel. - Minsk,
Publishing House "Four Quarters", 2014.
Review by Nina Yagodintsevoy (Chelyabinsk)
Translated by Elena Nagachevskaya (Khmelnytsky).

Opening this small, pocket-sized book, even from the first page you’re getting the sense of anticipation of a certain trick. At the moment you seem to be ready to read a detective story with mind-blowing plot twists gradually you realize that the author, defining the certain “rules” of the conundrum, choosing the characters and placing them in the exhibition, has rather overplayed and it will go hard even with him to bind the knots of the plot and bring them together to unraveling.
But at the same time you have a strange feeling that there’s something elusive. The author seems to conduct a "double game" and the characters as well as the readers are unwittingly embroiled into it. Such unexpectedly revealed “craftiness” adds more interest to the writer and to the plot of his detective story, to the denouement emerging deceptively in each subsequent episode and immediately disappearing for next surprising plot twist.
Sergey Trakhimenok, a famous Russian and Belorussian writer, Doctor of Law, Professor, began his literary activity in the late 1980s. Today he is the author of thirty books of prose published in Minsk, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the laureate of the «Gold Cupid» reward (Byelorussia) and the reward of the Ural Federal district, the active associate of Association of writers of Ural, Siberia and Povolzh'ya, which marked its 15th anniversary in 2014. Since he isn’t a novice in literature let’s try to accept his «double game» in «Genome of Newton» and reveal the subtexts of this dashingly twisted detective.
However, those who don’t enjoy playing "double games", can simply read this small book at one go, as the story is impetuous, unpredictable and meets all conventional "detective" canons. So we begin ...
The first move: the protagonists. They seem to be the central ... A young scientist Peter Nalygov and a former lecturer at the "Knowledge" Society, "old boy", Vladik Morozov, are stolen by a former gangster but now a very wealthy man and have appeared to be the participants of the debates about Newton.
For Nalygov Newton was an "appointed genius", and he disagrees with Morozov for whom the history with its heights and heroes is immutable and cannot be the subject to revision. And then, as befits a detective - the murder.
By the way, the theme of "appointed genii" has recently become very popular. It is closely related to the active manipulation with mass consciousness and the deliberate destruction of the scientific and cultural hierarchy, exactly following the program of globalization.
Organize a series of scandalous revelations (or pseudorevelations) of the genii of the past - and you can quietly appoint genii in the present. The philistines will be happy: why should they strain, anyway, those who should be appointed will be appointed.
And in this cultural "mixture" gets the next typical character: a criminal authority nicknamed "Finch". A mobster who has so much amassed by robbery that now can afford himself to begin an honest life safely - but not in this case, the honest life has gone far ahead, moreover, it is necessary to think about the future, especially about the future of his children, but the main problem is how to reverse "criminal karma" with the money? And where to find the points of support - in the ci-devant views about the world or in latter-day ones?
It is indicative that the author intends to resolve in practice the vital issue of Science and the protagonist, ex-convict "Finch", is entrusted to resolve this issue in applied aspect!
“Poor guy” asks the assistance and pays the advisers generously. Thereby a «gentlemanly set» appears for his Junior, who has not lost his way yet: England, College, and … transplanting genes of Newton (the more a scam). But with Newton the protagonist hasn’t any luck ...
Comic and at the same time realistic (we still remember the "dashing 90-s!") is the form of invitation of the debaters "for consultation" to the gangster: their abduction has become the exposition of the detective story. In general, it’s quite comprehensible story but here we find the second stroke of the author’s "double game": a phantom of an enigmatic cult or an Order of so called “Illuminati-Satanists- Luciferians”.
The very theme of "secret societies" (by the way, one more "candy" for the philistines, the bait used by speculators and manipulators) in popular literature has recently become extremely fashionable and seriously, except as to a parody, does not pull. Nevertheless, "high-powered" detective Vartov unravels the threads of the crime with all the thoroughness and in the final he is listening to a brief lecture about the history of these societies.
From the lectures it becomes clear that being a Satanist means to be a pure egoist, and nothing more, but the mystery still remains unsolved, a figure of a murderer and the motifs of this crime aren’t disclosed. So, on the similarity to a parody, the author leads to a simple and sensible thought cleaned of occult husk to the obvious existential clarity.
So, we seem to have revealed two moves of the author: typification – sometimes to the grotesque – of characters and the dramatization as well as outplaying of popular conspiracy theories. And what about the third? Precipitancy and hidden irony of the plot twists, the clue to which we are not going to retell. We just want to assure a reader that on your way to the disclosure of the main mystery of this detective story you will face many unexpected, funny, sarcastic and bitter moments, which are the major interest of such author’s “double games” with characters and readers.
What you need to start this game? Skill and experience giving freedom in the game, knowledge of the readers’ psychology, intuition, understanding the nature of mass stereotypes ... So open this detective without any hesitation - you will not lose, thus – together with an author.
Nina Yagodintseva,
Translated by Elena Nagachevskaya,
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